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Oris top grate for better pan stability

Oris top grate for better pan stability


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Why you need this

  • Replaces the cast iron skottle
  • Fits pots and pans better
  • A stable place to cook
  • Steel construction, no coatings. Will rust if it gets wet.
  • Sits on the thumbscrew spacers
  • Can be used with the standard or high altitude burner
  • Laser-cut 

This steel grate sits on top of the burner giving you a nice stable platform for your pots pans, or wok. Cooking on the Oris is never easier when you have the proper attachments and tools. Use this grate on the patio or deck to boil water for corn, or to use your wok outside on a nice evening. 

The heavy-duty steel construction will withstand the heat from any of our burners. The uncoated surface will rust if left out in the elements, but not to worry you can clean it right off with a stiff brush or steel wool. 



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