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Full ORIS cooking system Skottle and Lid kit and carry bags ORIS cooking system Skottle and Lid kit ORIS cooking system Skottle kit Oris base cooking system, base and burner. ORIS 17" Cast Iron Skottle


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What is a skottle?

Skottle is a South African cooking invention. The farmers in South Africa needed a solution for cooking int he fields, the used an old plow disc and attached some legs to it. Skottles are very popular in South Africa and are used frequently to cook outside.

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ORIS leather patch moss/khaki hat ORIS 6 panel trucker hat Black/White ORIS 6 panel trucker hat Brown/Khaki ORIS Bamboo Spatula for Cast Iron

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Camp Cooking

Cast Iron has been the choice

If you are like most people you like cooking on cast iron while outside. Not only does cast iron heat more evenly, it also looses less heat when food is added.