Up Your Camp Cooking Game With the ORIS Skottle

Up Your Camp Cooking Game With the ORIS Skottle

Up Your Camp Cooking Game With the ORIS Skottle

One of the joys of camping in the great outdoors is that everyday activities become a fun
adventure–especially cooking! But if you want to enjoy cooking in nature without sacrificing
nutrition, meal variety, or taste, it’s nice to invest in additional cooking tools.
One tool that should be part of every camper's kitchen is the ORIS Skottle cooking system. This
unique outdoor cooking device provides incredible versatility and is well-suited for RV, overland,
and car camping excursions. It’s also a welcome addition to your backyard.
This guide will go through everything you need to know about the ORIS Skottle and help you
step up your outdoor cooking game!

What is a Skottle Cooking System?
The skottle is a wok-like stove originating in South Africa. Farmers and hunters used it in the
field to cook their meals over a campfire. Today, the ORIS Skottle is one of the best skottle grills
in the market. It’s essentially a large cast-iron frying pan without the sides, mounted on a tripod
that has a propane tank attachment. This attachment allows you to hook it up directly to any
propane tank or bottle.
The ORIS Skottle is easy to set up, fun to use, highly portable and can prepare food for a large
group of people, making it a must-have camp kitchen staple. It's not only useful to overlanders,
RVers, van lifers, and car campers. It is a multi-use unit, which you can deploy at home, at a
tailgate party, or a picnic in the park.

Components of the ORIS Skottle Kit

A complete ORIS Skottle grill kit will cook everything you throw at it, whether you’re cooking in
your backyard, campground, or in the wild. Here are its main components:

● A durable 17-inch removable cast Iron cooking surface that allows you to cook many
recipes with excellent results.
● A single burner that provides 10,000 BTUs of heat with simmer control(propane bottle
not included).
● An ORIS lid to steam vegetables, speed up cooking and keep food warm.
● A 32-inch tall steel tripod stand that can hold up to 150lbs.
● Detachable legs for easy transportation.
● A convenient carry bag of your preferred color to pack the components and keep
everything organized.
● If you’re camping in a windy area, you’ll also appreciate having the wind guard. It blocks
the wind from blowing the flames out.

Benefits of the ORIS Skottle Cooking System

● Durable - The ORIS Skottle is an investment that should work for years to come. The
pan can withstand the burner flame without burning. The stands also have a heavy-duty
all-steel stand construction that can hold heavier meals.
● You can Cook Large Meals - If you’re camping with a big group, everyone will
appreciate the large surface area of the 17″ disk. You can, in fact, cook different
foodstuffs on the pan simultaneously. Plus, you’ll love the pan’s even heat distribution
and retention.
● Healthy Cooking - Cooking with an ORIS Skottle requires less oil because of the
coating that comes from seasoning. The pan comes pre-seasoned, and no chemicals
are used to make the non-stick surface.
● Straightforward Cleaning Process - After enjoying a delicious meal, you’ll love how
easy it is to clean the skottle. The food will lift itself from the cast iron pan, and you only
need a damp rag to wipe off the residue. You won’t even need soap. To protect the pan
from corrosion, season with a thin coat of cooking oil after cleaning.
● Portable - The ORIS Skottle is incredibly portable. It’s easy to pack up, transport and set
up outdoors, and it won't occupy much space in your rig when you aren't using it.
● Practical - The ORIS Skottle is an indispensable piece of cookware that takes up less
room than a portable grill but still allows you to cook many of the same recipes. You can
remove the pan and use other cooking items with it, such as pots, pans, and kettles. The
stand's height is also comfortable to cook at, saving your knees and back.

ORIS Skottle Cooking Recipes

Sure, the skottle stove and pan give you endless possibilities for cooking and baking. But what
are some of the best skottle grill recipes? Here are some tasty meals you can prepare:

● Sausages With Apples and Onions - For a sensational evening meal, heat oil in your
skottle over medium-high heat. Add onions, wedge-sliced apples, and the sausages,
then turn the items occasionally until browned. Finally, season with salt and black
● Sizzling Chicken Fajitas- Chicken fajitas are so simple, full of flavor, and super filling.
Slice your boneless skinless chicken breast into thin pieces and marinate with olive oil,
cumin, oregano, garlic, and lime for 15 minutes. Heat up your skottle pan, cook sliced
bell peppers and onion, then remove them. Cook your marinated chicken, then later add
the veggies.
● Brown Fried Potatoes - Who doesn't love fried potatoes that are crust crispy on the
outside and soft on the inside. Chop potatoes into thin slices, put some oil in your ORIS
camping skottle, and brown them. For a richer flavor, throw in some garlic and onions.
● Blueberry Banana Pancakes - Fluffy with crisped edges and loaded with fruit, this
skottle food idea has an extra special twist that will get everyone excited. Preheat the
pan and use coconut oil to get the crispy edges. Place the banana slices on the cooking
surface first, pour the batter on them, then sprinkle the blueberries on top. Flip the
pancakes and cook until golden.

The ORIS Skottle Will Take Your Outdoor Cooking to a New

With the ORIS Skottle, cooking outside just became more convenient and interesting. This
versatile cooking system can prepare virtually any dish, helping you save money on the road
while still allowing you to enjoy delicious and healthy food.

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