ORIS SkottleAssembly Instructions

ORIS SkottleAssembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions


You will need a 3/8” wrench or socket and a Phillips head screwdriver



1. Unpack the ORIS from its shipping box and layout all the parts on a clean work surface


2. Take the ORIS head and lay it flat on the surface.


3. Install the clips on the head using the supplied nuts and bolts


4. Install the burner into the ORIS head.


5. Attach the ORIS legs to the ORIS head using the supplied 3/8” thumb screws. You can use pliers to tighten the thumbscrews if you feel it is needed. The legs are strong steel and will not deform to pressure from the thumbscrews.

6. Flip the ORIS Over so it is standing on a flat stable surface


7. Place the cast iron skottle attachment on top of the head. Lining up the bungs with the threaded holes in the Skottle attachment.


8. Using the 1.5” 3/8”-16 thumb screws attach the Skottle attachment it the ORIS head. The thumbscrews do not have to be tight, they are there to align and prevent the skottle from falling. Just snug them up with your fingers.

9. Attach propane source


10. Enjoy

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